United Laboratories Company works in direct collaboration with Biominis previously known as Laboratoire Marcel Merieux (LMM)

Biominis is considered the largest leading reference laboratory in Europe with a surface area of 11,635 m² with more than 935 full time employees and 62 full time Pathologists.

Biominis provides top of the line service with a highly knowledgeable and trained operating team in the local (France) and international market.

Biominis France

  • 450 vans - frozen, cooled and ambient transportation
  • 20 main hubs throughout France
  • 2,800 daily collection points
  • Samples are delivered in less than 18 hours

Biominis International

  • Temperature controlled logistics of biological samples in more than 20 countries
  • Collection, packaging and transportation of biological samples under the appropriate controlled temperature
  • Average lead time from sample collection at the client's door until delivery at Biominis:24 hours

Quality Assurance

  • Strict control of the French Ministry of Health over Clinical Laboratories
  • Each of the Biominis entities has an independent QA Department
  • Each Clinical Laboratory is fully Accredited (COFRAC, ISO, ILAB, etc…)
  • Each of Biominis medical entities is continually assessed by State Regulatory bodies
  • Certification ISO 9001 of TSE Lab

For More information visit www.biomnis.com