The Lipoprint test or Cholesterol Subfractions test is a state-of-the-art technology that accurately identifies lipoproteins and there sub-fractions providing a quantitative assessment.

Testing Low Density Lipoproteins ( LDL ) sub-fractions is important since these particles are associated with the increased risk of Coronary Heart Disease ( CHD ), even when the level of total LDL cholesterol is normal. Cholesterol subfractions test provides a detailed result of lipoprotein sub-fractions of LDL presenting the physician with a more in depth assessment of CHD risk . (LDL carries about 70% of the blood's cholesterol).

Lipoprint or Cholesterol Subfractions Test :

  • It produces an easy to interpret color coded patient profile, which features a percentage of lipoprotein distribution, cholesterol level in each fraction, LDL particles sizes and a comparison to normal cholesterol distribution.
  • Is the only FDA cleared method for the separation and measurement of Low Density Lipoprotein ( LDL ) sub-fractions.
  • It can identify 12 (twelve) cholesterol parameters, nine of which are not available among other methods.
  • It gives a better diagnostic results that can be treated with the proper lipid regulating drug that targets the exact sub-fraction.
  • Studies show that there are sub-factions among the LDL where the small dense particles are much more dangerous causing blockages that build up rapidly in the coronary artery.
  • Individuals with normal levels of cholesterol have a three folds risk of heart disease if they have a predominance of small dense LDL particles.

The Lipoprint or Cholesterol Subfractions Test system is highly accurate and less prone to testing variability with a shorter turn over time.