DNA Prob

DNA Prob

The DNA Probe Test is Bacterial and Yeast Vaginosis Screening test, which identifies the common pathogens associated with vaginitis.

Advantages of DNA Probe Test for clinical and patient care;

Sensitivity of the DNA Probe Test is up to 95% and the specificity is up to 100% greater than culture or wet mount and unaffected by interfering douching, and mixed infections, therefore decreasing the risk of pre-term delivery, delivery of low birth weight baby or future Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) by rapid and accurate detection of common causes of vaginitis – Trichomonas and Bacterial Vaginosis.

Furthermore, significant levels of Candidiasis Species can be detected rapidly in women with recurrent, resistant candidiasis resulting in a decrease of post-surgical infections for women infected by Trichomonas and / or Bacterial Vaginosis by performing DNA Probe Testing on symptomatic patients prior to gynecological surgery.

It’s clearly visible color reaction eliminates the subjectivity inherent in direct microscopic methods.

From the complex mixture of cellular material found in a vaginal sample, only DNA Probe technology has the power to selectively target organisms by their genetic ‘fingerprints’.

American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology Committee recommends that clinicians may want to screen all pregnant women who are at the risk for pre-term delivery or delivery of a low weight baby.